April 30th, 2016

Tony thinks he's a bad father

So I stumbled upon a fanfic on AO3 the other day that had to do with little Bucky Barnes hurting his arm in Tony's lab while our resident genius was apparently occupied with something else. Cue freak out where he immediately swoops into overprotective father mode and takes him to the hospital where Steve also swoops into OPFM and proceeds to give Tony a piece of his mind, when really, it was just an unfortunate accident and poor, poor Tony just... deflates like a goddamn balloon, because he knew that he was going to be a terrible father and says so to Steve before tucking tail and relocating.
When he meets up with Steve later over Bucky's hospital bed Tony asks about their upcoming divorce~ which Steve, if he was guilty before, feels even guiltier about now and rushes to assure him that the words he'd said in anger were untrue and he doesn't want a divorce, he just wants to live with his man and their son for happily ever after.
Everything's fixed with some bandaids and luvins, etc. etc.

I can't find it anywhere. ):
Any clues would be mighty appreciated and if you've got a similar story to share this is currently my big soft spot.
Thank you!!

Tony meets Avengers before the movie

Hola all!
I was reading a fic in which young Tony employs Natasha as his bodyguard after being kidnapped again, and they become quite close.
So, I was wondering if there's any fics in which Tony becomes friends with any of the Avengers or even Loki, before the Avengers movie takes place.
It can be Gen or Het or Slash.

Thank you!