June 4th, 2016

Omegaverse witth Alpha!Steve and Omega!Tony

I'm looking for a omegaverse fic where Steve chooses Tony like omega for avengers pack.

It's not "Becoming Omega" by Rjslpets or "Breaking Tony" by AvocadoLove.

If I remember correctly, there was a second part which was not finished where people had kidnapped Tony and had removed the smell of the pack that was on him. Tony was incoherent and desperate.

Thanks in advance!


LF Tony-mpreg stories with Ross as a villain.

So I've been told the whole "Ross is the villain and threatens Tony to get Cap out" are becoming common these days. Problem is I don't have the time to check through Lj sites or AO3 to find those ones. I search for those for a small time on occasions, but can't seem to find them. Might be that I'm too sleepy at the time to fully process what I'm reading.

So I just want to read as many "Tony-mpreg stories with Ross as a villain out to get Cap through Tony" fics as I can get. Feel free to rec non-mpreg stories, too. I don't mind them as long as Ross is the villian and is using an unwilling or willing Tony to get Cap out of hiding.

I'll read any version of the marvel universe, MCU, earth 616, anything. I guess this may seem like an obvious stony fic request, but I can take any additonal pairings and gen fics.
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Tony's battle-bruises mistaken for signs of abuse

This is going to sound very silly, but I'm looking for a fic I haven't read - I only saw someone looking for it while I browsed through the archives here. Description piqued my interest, but as I already had several (like a dozen) stories opened in new tabs, I skipped over it. Now I can't find it, and curiousity eats my brain.

The description went something like this:  Avengers don't know that Tony is Ironman; therefore, when they notice that Tony is oftentimes bruised (result of rough missions), they assume that he is being abused by his boyfriend the Ironman.

What was the fic, does anyone know?

Holiday Fic Rec

Hi, I'm looking for some Avengers holidays stories. I'd like ones that:
1. Take place around Christmas
2. Preferably deal with Steve's reaction to a 21st century Christmas
3. Have the other Avengers explaining Christmas to Thor
4. Have the Avengers reminiscing about their favorite Christmas traditions
5. Are preferably gen, but can have romantic pairings just not as the main focus
6. Are complete and well written

Thank you!