June 10th, 2016

Pre-serum Steve

so I was wondering if you can help me?

I love stories where Tony falls in love with Steve who is short sick and scrawny....weather Steve was super soldier and then turned back to his past self or not. I like to see the tenderness, the sweetness between these two and to see Tony caring for sick Steve.

only Bottom Steve please.

thank you
Jason Todd, Bucky Barnes

Fic Search: Steve Singing 40's hits in the Shower

     Hoping you guys are as awesome as ever as literally all I can remember of htis fic is steve singing 1940s hits in the shower. I can't even remember if he was singing them well or not. I also remember Maria Hill ending up humming one of them (think it was boogy woogy bugle boy of company B) Under her breath. I think the song Steve was singing in the first scene was Hitler's only got one ball, but not 100% sure on that one.

Tony gets revenge on/protects Bruce from General Ross

I had a couple of stories queued up to read, but then had problems and had to shut my laptop down, which made me lose the list.  So I figured I could just expand the list to other such stories.  All I remember about the list was Tony getting back at Thunderbolt Ross for his actions against the Avengers, mainly but not limited to Bruce.  I'm thinking publicly beating back an attack agains tthe tower to capture the Hulk (I recall one where War Machine helped out).  Or shaming Ross online or at a press conference.  I recall one story where a Ross subordinate sets up Steve to tour a secure military base when none of the team is available to keep him from being detained.  Even stories where Betty publically turns on her father in favor of her boyfriend.  Any and all stories gladly accepted.  Slash, het, gen, and any combination thereof.

(Don't bother suggesting "Dolls and Guys" from the series "Love is For Children" by Ysabethwordsmith.  I already have that one.  In fact I think I'll re-read it now.  And I have to recommend going to AO3 and checking out that excellent series.  Gives a bit of alternate view of the team dynamics.)
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Steve/Tony Post Avengers, Steve kicked out of motels during his road trip thing

I posted this weeks ago but thought to try again just in case someone has read it recently. Things I remember:

1. Tony's POV taking place after the Avengers. I don't remember if it's Phase Two Compliant.
2. The team has moved into the tower except Steve.Tony thinks it's personal because they don't have the best relationship and he thinks Steve is ignoring his invitations.
3. Angst. Tony gets out of the Tower to walk around and finds Steve sitting at the cafe from the Avengers movie, drawing. He thinks to keep walking but his curiosity gets the best of him and he wants to know why Steve is here, in Manhattan, in a coffee shop in front of the tower yet he hasn't gone in and say hi.
4. He sits down and says hi, Steve is pleased to see him and surprised. He decides to confront Steve about why he hasn't visited (that he goes to this coffee shop which is far from his apartment yet he hasn't gone in and said hi to tony) or moved in.
5. Steve is confused and doesn't remember an invitation, then he blushes when Tony tells him he sent letters to every motel Steve was staying at during his road trip through America. Steve didn't received any because he was thrown out of almost every motel because he got into fights in bars and stuff, defending people.
6. With this misunderstanding out of the way, Steve moves into the tower.

It might be GEN, I DON'T REMEMBER. Sound familiar?