July 1st, 2016

ot6 Nastasha pregnancy

So it was on a03 and most definitely was in my bookmarked but I think it was deleted so hopefully someone has it saved or posted somewhere else.
I can't remeber the name or author but Natasha get pregnant in an ot6. The baby is literally ones bc Thor has fertility magic. They do appearance on a talk show and their ot6 comes out.
Thanks for the help.
common law, warren kole

search: fic (deleted) romanoff's Come With Me Now

I've been perusing around looking for good omegaverse fics and a rec that I keep seeing is romanoff's Come With Me Now. I love all their works and I've pretty much cleaned out their cache, but can't find it anywhere. if anyone has a copy of it or knows where I can read it, I'd love to read it! Collapse )

while I'm at it, I'm also interested in just a general rec for any omega!tony, tony whump (overworked, tired, ya know the works), fics where tony is actually younger than the other avengers, etc, not necessarily pack fics, although i'll take them too! Thanks in advance. I prefer stony, but the only pairings I don't care for are loki or thor involved with tony. :) (ps, tried my best on tags to include what I didn't say in words! sorry if not specific enough)