July 11th, 2016

SHIELD agents during and after the info dump

I recently read a story about a young Muslim student who had recently submitted an application to work at SHIELD HQ when Natasha did her SHIELD/Hydra info dump.  It was from her POV, her experiences during the attack on Fury, Steve, Nat, and Sam and her fear that they would come after her and her family.

I'd like to find any other stories of SHIELD agents and employees during that period, not just field agents but anyone, file clerks to janitors, suddenly suspicious of their coworkers, their families worried about their safety, neighbors suspicious of them because of their workplace, etc.


i am looking for the following stories

#1 where Loki comes out the void terrfied of the dark. i remember that it has Fury being the one to first see him when he comes out the tesscret.

#2 Loki is tortured by Obin so horribly that they had to remove part of his guts

#3 Any story where Loki has trouble with his lungs