September 26th, 2016

  • txnnyc

Maybe Odin isn't so terrible?

I'm looking for a fic that might be GEN—or maybe TEEN for a bit a violence. I don't think there was a pairing. All I really remember is that Thor returns to Asgard to discuss Loki with Odin. I think it's before Loki's gotten very far in his invasion plans. Odin had told Thor early on that it might take a hit in the head to get Loki to listen to reason. And he literally meant for Thor to hit Loki on the head to knock him out of being controlled by Thanos/The Other—cognitive recalibration. I don't think that Thor had taken Odin literally, so Loki might be in the custody of the Avengers or Shield. I did a search on AO3 for fics with Thor, Loki, and Odin and didn't find anything that looked familiar. I have a feeling that the title somehow referenced either the blow to the head or Odin. Thanks!

FOUND: I do solemnly swear by Mikkeneko