September 28th, 2016

Crossover With Avengers and Other Movies Actors Have Been In?

So I'm looking for crossover fics between the Marvel movies, and other movies the actors have been in. What I'm looking for is fics where the Marvel character and the character from the other movie (played by the same actor) are the same person for whatever reason - e.g. rebirth, taking on a new identity, ect. (for example, I recently read an Avengers/The Losers crossover, where Steve takes on the identity of Jake Jensen, who is played by Chris Evans in the Losers movie).

I would really love it if it focused on Steve, but I'm fine with anything.

Hurt!Steve, Protective Team?

Could you recommend some hurt!Steve fics, with protective teammates? I want fics set pre-Civil War, but post the first avengers movie. Things I'd like to see in particular:

1. Steve being injured because of some reckless behaviour or not taking his own wellbeing into consideration, and the team berating him for it.

2. Steve hiding an injury from his teammates, and them finding out

3. Steve having depression (maybe because of losing everyone he knew after being frozen in the ice, ect.)

And anything else with hurt!Steve and team bonding is fine too. Chaptered fics would be great, but I'm not too fussed about that!

Also, preferably no pairings.

The Avengers think Tony's sleeping with someone but he's actually sick

So I'm looking for a fic, I think it was AO3 but I could be wrong, where all the Avengers are living in the Tower, and I think they are just starting to get along with Tony, when he gets sick but of course he doesn't tell them, so they see stuff happen, like a woman comes into the Tower and heads straight to Tony's floor, and assume the worst, when really she's just a doctor. That's the only specific thing I remember, sorry, but I think that might be mentioned in the summary of the story.

And another story I want to find, the Avengers have a sleep pile, and Tony wakes up before Steve and starts thinking about making body armour for him, and then he starts measuring his torso, and he's so deep in an engineering fugue that he doesn't realize Steve has woken up and is very confused, but also helping move his arms and stuff. Again, I think this was on AO3.

And if you have any recs, I'm definitely a Team Tony, and I like stories where he's underestimated but proves everybody wrong.



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Still open for recs, though ;)

Fic Search - Stucky only

I'm hust wondering if anyone knows of any of these fics

1. Steve was captured by HYDRA and is also pregnant at the time. I'm pretty sure Clint and Sam? come to save him with the help of a recaptured Bucky. The baby is Bucky's and I'm pretty sure the baby flinches or Steve sees it that way on the ultrasound machine.

2. Steve is pregnant with Bucky's baby yet again although this time when he gets pregnant he reverts back to how he was before the serum.

3. any and all fics where Steve both tops and bottoms. I think there might have being an A/B/O fic where Bucky is the alpha.

4. any and all fics where Steve is an omega before the serum and an alpha afterwards
             4.1. I think there was one where Bucky starts off as a beta and thanks to HYDRA's experiments he becomes an alpha as well. It was set in the 1940's to start with, then 70 or so years later in the future. I can't remember much else except for Tony maybe being an arse.

Please if anyone knows what these fics is called I thank you in advance.
Remy Q