October 2nd, 2016

  • bclar

Steve tells dark depression-era jokes


I suddenly remembered a scene from a fic I must have read months or years ago on ao3. The team is together (on their way to or from a mission, I think?) and someone needles Steve to tell a joke. Someone else says, no, his jokes are all really dark, but they still make Steve tell one. Iirc it goes like this: one afternoon, little Susie plays with matches and burns the house down. As she and her mom stand in front of the burning building, her mother scolds Susie and tells her, "You just wait until your dad comes home from work!", and Susie smiles and says, "Oh, he came home early today and went upstairs for a nap." The team is stunned and someone comments on how jokes during the depression were really fucked-up.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?