October 3rd, 2016

Loki taking care of Thors bastard children

I´m trying to find a fic I read some time ago. I´m pretty sure it was at thor kinkmeme (or maybe another livejournal post) - Loki is taking care of Thors bastards. All of them, for centuries. Thor and his family completely disregards them, probably even do not know about them and all of Asgard thinks they are all Lokis children. They love him, think of him as theit father (even the ones who know they are Thors) and at the end of the fic are taking care of him (probably around time he becomes king and find about his jotun herritage - I´m not sure about this part).
They are soldiers, sorceresses, etc.¨
I remember a part where twins, nearly completely without any seidr, learns to create a flower (or illusion of one) as a birthday gift for Loki.
Please help.