October 4th, 2016

Looking for a specific post-Civil War fic

Hi! So I was reading this story a while ago and now I can't find it again. It was set after Civil War and it's more Tony's side. He has PTSD from when Cap attacked him and left him for dead and he's mad at his friends who were on Caps side to not even consider the possibility that there was more than one side to the coin. And he's hurt that they betrayed him and didn't think better of him for trying to make things right. (I think he talks to Cap about how willing he was to help Bucky as well) Tony freely admitted he was wrong about some of the things he did. I'm pretty sure Antman apologizes to him by saying something along the lines of "I was new to this hero stuff and Cap was my hero since I was a kid and it was really cool that he asked for my help." And I think he told Clints wife to give him hell for leaving her and his kids for so long after he'd 'retired'.

I hope someone recognizes this fic, it was really good. Thanks!