October 23rd, 2016

Tony gets pinned down at the bottom of a river while saving a little girl in the park(?)

I read this fic quite a while ago so I'm a little shaky on the details and don't remember where I read it...so I hope I'm getting it right...

From what I remember Clint, Natasha, and Tony were on a mission in some sort of park I think when they were attacked. They were getting civilians out of danger when a little girl fell in the river and Tony went in to save her. While he was able to save her he himself got pinned down by a boulder at the bottom of the river. Natasha and Clint take turns going down giving him oxygen when Clint accidentally touches Tony's chest which causes a panic attack. Soon Steve gets there and they are able to get Tony out. I also remember Clint shouting at the public when they whisper things about Tony. Don't quite remember the ending... :(
  • sw0rdy

Public reactions to Bucky's arm

I'd love to read any stories, (preferably Stucky but gen's fine too) where Bucky is self-conscious about showing his arm in public because he's worried about people's reactions to it in front of Steve. Bonus points if Steve is awesome in making him understand that he doesn't care. :)

Thank you!