December 9th, 2016

Looking for Tony-centric story . . .

Hi Guys!
Well, I have a new story I am trying to find, and I hope to have some success with this one, though I have a lot less details than I had for the other one. In fact, I really only remember two things about it, and one of those memories is debatable.

All I really remember for sure is that Tony has been wronged in some way and he goes in to the armor, and for sone reason he tells everyone that hes a decaying . . . I want to say female, but I'm not sure about that detail, and is dieing, due to some lab experiment that Tony saved her from.

I think eventually Peter\Spiderman figures his identity out, but thats the part I'm not sure about.
  • aew14

Stucky Fic

I'm looking for a Stucky one-shot. Basically, Steve nd Bucky are getting married and it goes through both their bachelor parties (in this fic they are referred to as buck's day parties) both of them the morning of the wedding, the ceremony, the reception, the after party at Avenger's Tower, and the wedding night which contains smut. I don't remember the title and I believe I read it on Ao3. If anyone could help me find it that would be great!!