December 15th, 2016

Barton sent to inspect SHIELD bases.

The story I'm looking for takes place, I think, soon after the Battle of New York.  To keep him on the payroll but keep him aways from hostile and resentful SHIELD agents, Fury sends Barton (not as Hawkeye) out on an inspection tour of SHIELD bases around the world.  He gets a nice friendship in the making with the head of one base who's wife is on staff.  They might be Russian and/or Scandinavian, with heavy accents.  I think the guy was friends with either Phil or Nat.  The wife is very tall, shapely, and beautiful and the couple are very loving.  The guy figures out who Barton is and recognizes his deep depression over the events with Loki and losing Coulson.
I may have gotten some minor details wrong but thats the basics.