January 10th, 2017

One normal au fic and one stony fic

Hi all. The first fic I'm looking for is where no one is a superhero, in fact I think they're all or most of them are teenagers involved in an art class that a skinny Steve is teaching. There's one scene where Tony has a panic attack in the middle of the night and calls Steve to vent and Tony asks if he should draw some sort of animal and Steve mentions maybe a llama while using his inhaler. I think towards the end there are some criminals or terrorists attacking their building and they use a white flag as a diversion or something.

The second fic is more than a bit vague unfortunately. Its multichaptered and I think in one of the chapters and then continuing its Stony. It was filled with a lot of the Avengers tropes and cliches, like stuff we've accepted that's not actually canon. I know its vague and I appreciate any help.

Thank you!

Lost Bucky/Steve fic

I seem to have lost a fic that i liked.
I remember that it might have been titled Brooklyn. It had steve in it and he was gay and hid it. He was secretly in love with Bucky and never told anyone not even Bucky.He finally confessed it and wrote a book that became a movie. There was cover art and at the end Bucky came back and found out by going to a pride parade. Bucky loved steve too and was happy.
It was on AO3 and it was complete. Please help me find it again. I am horrible at tagging and saving fics i like.

Loki/Tony. Mpreg Loki. Tony and Loki has a Daughter together

Hi. I'm looking for a Loki/ tony fanfic where Loki appears in tony's lab pregnant and in labor. They have a daughter but Loki can't stay to raise her because it's too dangerous since the chitauri haunting him. Loki visits them every Christmas and on their daughter birthday. The chitauri ends up finding out about their daughter and loki give himself up to protect her. Nobody really knew that loki was the mother of tony's daughter.

I can't really remember the rest but please if you know this story please let me know. I've been searching days now for it.