February 11th, 2017

Specific Tony/Bruce FanFic

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a specific piece of fanfic.

It's tony/Bruce, set at the beginning of the Avengers. Tony, not Natasha, is sent to recruit Bruce. They end up having sex in the hut in India, and tony falls in love and protects Bruce from fury and others.
I think it's a 3 part series.

Thanks for the help. 😊

Fic Search: FrostIron Series

Hi all,

I'm looking for a series of FrostIron fics. Unfortunately I don't remember much of the series but Loki was helping the Avengers against Thanos somehow. Himself and Toni were searching for the Infinity Stones I think. There was one part of the series where Fury asks for help from Doctor Strange because he doesn't fully trust Loki. It was public knowledge that Toni and Loki (or a cover persona of Loki) were dating but Strange didn't know this and Fury didn't tell him because he didn't like Strange either and wanted to kind of prank him I guess?

If anyone can remember the name of this fic or the series it's from I'd be eternally grateful!

Edit: I think the blurb was something along the lines of 'Stephen Strange doesn't trust the God of Lies further than he can throw him'. Kind of.