February 15th, 2017

frostiron fic - jealous pepper

Hello! I'm looking for a frostiron fic that involved a jealous Pepper Potts!
- Tony and Pepper break up (obviously)
-Tony is a mess after the break up ( if I remember correctly)
-Obviously, Loki comes into the picture, and Tony starts behaving. for example; Tony actually shows up to the board meeting on time, with coffee for Pepper (which was Natasha's idea) and he listens and meets all of the members in this meeting which makes Pepper angry
-Tony doesn't understand why Pepper is angry with him and when he mentions this to Nat, she understands that it wasn't Tony who was out of line it was Pepper because Pepper believed that Tony was "flaunting" his new relationship (Loki)
-I can't remember if the Avengers are aware of Tony and Loki's relationship at this point.
-This is all I remember, please help.
  • gagoze

Tony as the Hulk

Hi! so I was watching some of the animated Marvel cartoon with my brother and come across an episode where the Avengers got infected and turned to Hulks and I am now wanting to read some fic about Tony getting hulk up, I'm not referring to body switch but as Tony turning into Hulk. I would really love if someone would help me find some of those fic. Thnaks. :)

Looking for Loki fic

Hi! So I was looking for a specific fic where the Avengers(/Tony/JARVIS??) find the Thor film from like an alternate universe where their lives are movies and he ends up watching it and then cutting it down and calling it Loki instead of Thor. It's to prove his innocence I think? Something like that. If someone knows of this fic or something like it, please help! Thanks!