February 18th, 2017

Loki in/after CACW

I've been searching for fics where Loki takes part during CACW (helping Tony) or he is present during the aftermath (again, helping Tony). I haven't found much, unfortunately.
I'd like it if the fic is NOT pro Team Cap.
I'd really be glad if it doesn't have Stony.
All genres and pairings (other than Stony) are welcome.


Hi again, lol!
I've got two more requests:
1. Can you guys give me recs of fics where JARVIS returns or survives the Ultron fiasco?

2. I'd like fics which deals with post-CACW. They can be:
-fix-its or,
-the ones where the people demand justice or,
- where Tony deals with the aftermath
- Peter Parker and/or Harley Keener helping Tony after CACW.

Just, please, no Stony.