February 23rd, 2017

Kidnapped Tony fanfic

I am trying to locate a specific fic that I found on Ao3 at some point. I've tried searching everything and have come up empty. Mainly because it has Tony/Natasha/Bucky but I can't find it.

It has Tony going out to get something (I think it was alcohol) but he didn't want to disturb Nat while she was watching something on TV. The villian ends up live streaming the room and Tony is bleeding out into a bucket I think. And he tells them over the feed that he forgot to 'let the dogs out' and they (Nat in the iron man armor and Bucky on his bike) follow the suit to get to Tony.

It shouldn't be that hard to locate, but I can't find it anywhere.

Winter soldier takes out his team

I seem to remember reading a fic where the Winder Soldier is sent to act as sniper for a Strike/Hydra team to take down Captain America, only when they all get into position the Soldier watches what's happening through his rifle scope, sees Steve, and then methodically takes out every other member of his team to protect him as his programming starts to break down.

Anyone recognise what this scene is from please?

Edit 19/3: Found it, it's part of this fic

Loki & Thor (Brothers!)

So what i'm looking for here are fanfics where Thor is a brother to Loki. Where he chooses him over his friends, or he goes out of his way to help or support him. My favorite example of what I'm looking for would have to be Damaged Defenders by Sherza, where Thor acknowledges his past mistakes where his brother is concerned and makes a real effort to make ammends and place his brother first. 

FrostIron- Injured Loki

Hello all! I'm looking for a frostiron fic with injured Loki. A specific one, or feel free to recommend some.
-Loki is injured and goes to Tony for help (I can't remember why he does, but he does)
-Tony decides to help Loki and lets him stay in his room to heal. Loki takes the bed and Tony tells him he doesn't sleep much anyway.
-So Tony keeps him hidden, they obviously become closer.
-Tony and Pepper are broken up and Pepper is already over it and Tony isn't, but when Loki and Tony become closer, Tonys mood changes and Pepper can tell that he is in a new relationship, an actual relationship, and that makes her angry, she becomes jealous and when Tony starts actually doing what he is supposed to do, it angers her more. She believes that Tony is flaunting his new relationship in front of her and the last ting Tony ever wants to do is hurt Pepper.
-Natasha tries to help Tony get back on Peppers good side by bringing her coffee.

So if anyone can help please!! Thank you !