April 2nd, 2017


Lost fic

Been looking for this one for ages. Pretty sure it was Frostiron. The only thing I remember clearly about it is that there is a scene where some of the Avengers are testing Loki's powers -- I think it's Steve and Bruce -- in some kind of chamber and they keep hitting him with some beam and he just won't stay down. He's snarling and whatever but he keeps getting up. This is, I believe, to help them perfect an anti-magic weapon because (I think) Doctor Doom has Tony? And Loki will do whatever it takes to get him back. Ring any bells?

Tony Stark is Tony Carbonell

I read a fic awhile ago where Tony Stark disinhearited himself from Stark Industries and took on him mothers last name and opened Carbonell Industries and he started dating Hank Mccoy or Beast from Xmen. I cant remember much and I cant find it. Please help?