April 21st, 2017

  • stxlk

Looking for a Tony/Loki human AU fic in which Loki is a serial killer

Hello, I'm looking for a Tony/Loki human AU fanfic in which Loki is a serial killer. Tony is a (former?) detective/cop of some sort who was severely injured previously and is constantly in pain for years. Then there was this serial killer they were trying to catch. Tony met Loki in a bar and was attracted to him. They got along quite well and there seemed to be a mutual understanding between them. Later Loki was in Tony's apartment and Tony realized that Loki was the serial killer they were looking for. Loki tried to kill Tony. They fought and Tony said to Loki that the two of them could run away together, for a moment Loki hesitated and asked "do you really mean that?", then was shot by Steve(?) who came to check up on Tony's health. Steve was worried about what Tony had said to Loki but Tony brushed it aside saying that he was just trying to stall. Later at the graveyard Steve asked Tony some question but all Tony was thinking about was Loki's last word, and answered "I do", in reply of Loki's question. The whole fic was very dark and depressing.

Please help >_< If the author has deleted the fic, hopefully some of you have saved a copy? Thanks a lot!
  • shax92

Tony/Bucky, fake prostitute!Bucky fic

Hi everyone!

I really hope you guys can help me out here. I'm looking for a fic where Tony picks up Bucky from the bar, thinking he was a prostitute. Bucky goes along with it coz he and Steve could use the money to pay for rent (I remember that they worked a lot of jobs between the two of them to pay for rent and grad school). After quite a few repeated transactions, Tony eventually gets Bucky to agree to an exclusive contract. Their relationship goes on like this for months, until Bucky fesses up the truth, only to find out that Tony had known for a while.

Does this sound familiar to any of you guys? I'd be soooo grateful if you could point me in the right direction. Thank you!

Tony buys VA office new furniture

I've been going through my files for several days looking for this; I was sure I'd saved it.  Tony Stark is at a VA office (suffering from PTSD himself?  there for Steve or Bucky?). I think he's there with Steve and/or Bucky; Sam may be there too (Sam's office?).  Tony or Steve is talking to the woman at the front desk and either slams his hand down on the top or leans too heavily against it.  It's one of those big old grey metal desks and it make a loud gong or clang sound, which visibly disturbs a lot of the veterans sitting in the lobby, many of them having PTSD.  Tony sees this and offers/demands as only Tony Stark can to buy a new desk for the office, and a book case and other needed furniture.