May 28th, 2017

Pepper is insulted, proves she's the true badass

O, the thoughts that come into your head when you're just waking up and still half in dreams.

I'd love to find any stories where someone insults or tries to embarrass or humiliate Pepper and she strikes back (on her own, not needing Tony for this), maybe even bringing them down.  Maybe it's a SI board member who thinks he's better then the little 'slut' who got her positoin via Tony's bed, getting nasty and dismissive with her in a meeting, or trying something underhanded with the company they think she won't see.  Or maybe the bad guy of the week who thinks to strike at Tony and the team through their woman/women.  (I can see Darcy also having a hand in that one.)  Has anyone written anything like this?  I'd love to see Miss Potts kick arse.

specific Loki fic

hey guys I'm looking for this fic I really love but has been lost.
In this story we find Loki seeing the future after he preformed a spell in a well hidden within a cave, we see the last moments of the spell (where Loki 'dies'). Further, Loki is so shocked by what he has learned that he falls into a coma and no one can wake him up, Odin becomes so desperate that he uses the service of some elves who will try to kidnapp Loki but fail.
Please help a fellow fangirl out!