June 1st, 2017

Hawkeye undercover on death row

In 2006 Jeremy Renner made a movie called Love Comes to the Executioner.  In a great video found on YouTube his character is shackled and walked from his prison cell to the execution chamber where he's strapped down on a gurney, all the while loudly singing American Pie and giving the finger to several people.  A couple weeks ago I read a story that I thought I'd saved but can't seem to find now, now matter what search terms/words I use.  Hawkeye is undercover on death row as Chick Prigusivac and Coulson (undercover as a guard I think) cuts the power just in the nick of time, preventing Clint from actually getting executed.  Is this familiar to anyone?  It's most likely at AO3, so just title and/or author will do.  Thanks.
common law, warren kole

GOTG fic search: translation implant not working

I've been on a crazy Peter Quill kick recently and I would love two things:

general reccs for interactions between the Avengers/GOTG with focus on Quill. Any pairings, but if involving Peter please slash (or the OT5 they sometimes have going on with the Guardians)

And I'm really looking for fics where either the guardians are in space and Quill's translator cuts out OR they go to visit earth and there is a language barrier because he was 8 when he last spoke english and it's been like three decades, so he's forgotten or is really bad and that translator doesn't have or is also bad at english because earth isn't warp capable yet.

(couldn't figure out how to request the tags for this, so if they don't show up i tried character: peter quill, and theme: language barrier because I couldn't find a tag that correlated x:)