June 13th, 2017

Parent!Loki Recs

Hey looking for some good Parent Loki fics, No tearjerkers please I have read plenty of those I need a break from them. Open to any Loki pairing.

Here is one to get the ball rolling:

Thor is the golden prince of Asgard and enjoys the attention that he receives because of it. Being such a golden prince has its upsides, women tend to gather around him and his tankard never runs dry of mead.

Over the years, the combination of lovely women and ever-flowing mead has resulted in a few “accidents” unbeknownst to Thor. Such accidents are quietly brought to the attention of Loki, because if Odin knew he most likely would not let the women keep the children. Loki takes care of Thor’s baby mamas and the children, visiting them often and behaving like a beloved uncle to them.