June 14th, 2017


Just wondering if anyone knows of a fic where Bucky is a spy (maybe Steve is too, not sure) and they work for different agencies? I'm pretty sure I found it through Tumblr as it had gifs for the attached fic.

Also if anyone can help find some of the prvious fics I was looking for that would be a great help (link below)

Thanks in advance
Bettie Gagged

Looking for Stucky

I'm looking for a Stucky fic I read fairly recently (last month or so?). I think it was a dom/sub BDSM fic as opposed to A/B/O, where the bottom was so overwhelmed at the end of the scene that to stave off sub drop the top told the bottom to suck on the top's nipple and it calmed the bottom down. (It's not as weird as I'm making it sound, it was really moving!)

I feel like Bucky was the bottom but I'm not comfortable enough in that to say for sure.

Thank you so much in advance!

Edit: Found it! Call me Maybe by xantissa and Cleo4u2: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10745163
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Misunderstanding/Friends with benefits fic


I'm looking for a 616 fic written after Steve's resurrection and Tony waking up from the mindwipe. It takes place while Tony is creating Resilient and Steve is (I think) Commander Rogers, rather than Captain America. Steve and Tony end up getting together, but while Steve thinks they're a couple, Tony assumes that it's a friends with benefits situation, even though he wants more, because he doesn't think Steve could possibly want to be with him. He ends up getting really confused every time Steve shows up, and tries really hard not to be too 'coupley' with him, but isn't very successful. Steve eventually finds out, and they sort everything out. If you know this fic I'd be very grateful if you could tell me where to find it! Thanks!