June 17th, 2017


Avengers Dakimakura

Trying to find this fic I read last year. Tony was on a business trip in Japan and wanted to bring back gifts for the team. He came across this shop that sold erotic body pillows. He saw some had the Avengers and Loki featured on them and bought a set. When he got back home Thor saw the Loki pillow and grabbed it. He would wander around the tower with it. It was a cute fic and I'd really like to read it again. Ring any bells? Help is appreciated thanks!
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A) Tony caters Nathan's for Steve, and B) it's revealed every Avenger has the serum

There are two (unrelated) stories I've been searching for all week and I'm finally giving up and coming to you.  The first one has Tony catering a Nathan's hot dog feast as a surprise treat for Steve.  He either has Happy go and pick up the food or has one of the Nathan's cooks come to the penthouse.  Just becaue Steve said he missed the food, but you know Tony won't admit it.  :-)

In the second story it's revealed, probably through some old paperwork they find, that each of the Avengers had been exposed to versions of the serum that changed Steve Rogers' and Bruce Banner's lives so drastically.  Natasha got it through the Red Room as a child.  Clint and Barney were involved in test trials when they were young.  Howard was involved in the trials but Tony was not supposed to be given the serum.  When that was done behind Howard back, that was when Howard became neglectful and/or abusinve toward Tony.  Don't know about Thor; would he need it?