June 21st, 2017


looking for fic recs: Tony's injury

hello, i'm looking for some fic recs. i'm looking for fics where Tony's injury due to a landmine/missile exploding in his face in Afghanistan/Vietnam/whatever isn't the canon injury (i.e. isn't a chest/heart injury and/or there were other complications besides the injury).

any 'verse is good, any relationships/pairings are good (no romance at all is also fine). AU's are also good.

if anyone's read the fics "A Bright Clear Morning" by otherhazards or "Half the Man I Used to Be but Twice the Man I Was" by pengke, those are the kinds of fics i'm looking for

Clint and Tony grow close after Phil breaks up with Clint

Could somebody please give me the title of the story that starts out with JARVIS alerting Tony when he gets nervous about a drunk Clint on the roof too close to the edge.  Clint's not thinking about jumping but he is despondant about his lover shifting his affections to Steve without coming out and saying anything, just no being there anymore.  Tony and Clint become close, with Clint spending time with Tony in the lab and often sleeping there.  I don't thing it's Tony/Clint though.