June 28th, 2017


Just wondering if anyone knows of

1. A fic where Bucky is a spy (maybe Steve is too, not sure) and they work for different agencies? I'm pretty sure I found it through Tumblr as it had gifs for the attached fic. The gifs attached were form Cellular and Kings I think. (please attach Tumblr link only)

2. A fic where Tony tries to kill Bucky thanks to previous knowledge of the video which captures his parents death but is stopped at the last minute by JARVIS, (Steve? And the others) who realizes that the man is not Bucky but is actually wearing a mask like the one Zemo wore (or a clone?). Steve and Bucky are together in this fic. It is kind of like A Slight Miscalculation by miss_aphelion.

I am also still looking for things still listed on this post http://avengers-search.livejournal.com/887525.html (< I hope it okay to do this - as I wasn't going to post them again).

If you find the fics above please look back at that post (ignore the 5.1, 5.2 - I have enough of those, and also the comments - while they're excellent stories they weren't the ones I was looking for.

Thanks in advance