July 1st, 2017

Looking for specific Loki fic

Hai! So Im trying to find a fic I read a while ago. All I can remember is that Loki (possibly with both Thor and Odin) are in Alfheim (not positive, could be Vanaheim) staying with an old couple that always cared for Loki over the years. I think they described his actual personality as very quiet, withdrawn and shy (and Loki normally has a terrible stutter when he speaks). Im pretty sure Loki gets attacked by a group on the way back to the house and is forced to kill to defend himself. I think he runs off and Odin finds him (but I may be mixing fics with the Odin finding him)

I hope someone recognises this fic! Thabk you!

Tony Travel Back in Time, Specific Tony Time Travel

I have two requests both are on Tony time traveling.

1. Is a specifics fic where i tony travel back meets pre-serum Steve and they fall in love. The only clear detail i remember is that they do have sex while steve is skinny and steve is the bottom.

2. I want to read any fics where Tony travel back in time to pre-serum Steve. It can be either Tony/Bucky or Tony/Steve. Love either pairing. Don't care if it is WIP as long as it is still being updated. Thank you

I tried using the Tony/Bucky tag but it wouldn't let me for some reason.