July 14th, 2017


What happens to SHIELD employees, agents, and former agents after the info dump?

I've read No Accounting for Heroes by Lady_Blackhawk and RedGold, and The War is Far From Over Now by Dont_call_me_Carrie, both at AO3, both which deal with the aftermath and the collateral damage done to SHIELD the field agents, support and office staff, undercover operatives, and retired agents, and their families after Natasha and Steve download all the SHIELD/Hydra info onto the internet.  I'd love to find any other such stories dealing with what happens to them, how they're rescued from attacks, etc.

The Winter Soldier Has A Son

Hi! Looking for a fic where The Winter Soldier either has a bio son or finds a child while on the run from Hydra. I believe maybe Steve was looking for him too but I distinctly remember Bucky surrendering to SHIELD and Steve and Iron Man busting into the room Bucky had left the his son in and being surprised to find him there. I remember the son was really cute and was adamant the his daddy had promised to come back...sound familiar?