July 20th, 2017

Hello Sexy

Authors and thier abaondoned stories

I've been checking in with this community for a while now and it seems there are more abandoned/ missing stories and authors than there are poeple just forgetting the name or something.  I don't know if this is the place to post this or not.  If not just delete it.  I have a suggestion to all those authors that decide, for what ever reason, to abandon, forget about or otherwise loose interest in the stories.  Why not put it out there for someone else to finish?  So many stories have a loyal following and it seems a shame we can't finish reading them.

Tony/Steve Coma fic

Basically, the whole fanfiction messes with your head because you believe Steve is in a coma and the story is being read from Tony's side of things, BUT in reality it's actually Tony in the coma and the reader doesn't actually find this out until after Steve (due to the prompting of his fellow Avengers and Pepper Potts) pulls the plug, thinking he's gone.
Please tell me someone can find this fic because I've been searching everywhere for it and I thought I'd saved it. I was positive I'd saved it, in fact, but now it's gone and if it's been deleted I may never recover, haha!
Thanks in advance!

Loki/ Tony Harrys Parents

I#m looking for a fic where Loki knew Tony when he was younger. They fell in love but Loki used a fake name. He then fell pregnant and left Tony without telling him why. The resulting child had been Harry Potter. Later at the graveyard in Goblet of Fire Harry finds out about Loki beeing his mother but isn't told about his father. Loki and Harry go to the US where Loki meets Tony again under a new name. Harry becomes friends with Peter Parker who does a DNA Test to find Harrys father. Tony is informed about the search an d at first thinks Peter is his son. Later on Tony finds out about Loki being Loki and his son beeing a half-alien. Thanks