August 19th, 2017

Tony/Steve alt reality fic (mob?) (Tony has a burnt hand, is tortured for info on Steve's gang)

There is another fic I would love to find! The was some kind of alternative reality fic, where Obie was a bad guy. I think Tony is kidnapped and tortured for information on Steve and his gang, but he doesn't say anything. Steve and the gang rescue him and take him to an island to recover? I remember he had a burnt hand from like childhood or something, and the island/house where they were staying used to belong to Howard, and Tony freaks out in the office.
Any help finding this would be greatly appreciated!!!

Pepper/Tony and Tony/Natasha Kidnapping Fic Search


I'm looking for two fics and I would it if somebody could help me find them! I read them either on or A03, but I just can't find them!

The first was quite an old one where Tony and Pepper are kidnapped. I can't remember much, I think it started with Pepper collecting Tony after he crashed his suit, then they were both kidnapped and hurt. I remember Tony has like a huge bruise all across his chest/side from crashing the suit, and was really hurt?

The second I fear may have been deleted, so it would be amazing if anyone had it! It was a story where Tony and Natasha got kidnapped, and they are rescued/recovering on Clint's farm. I remember Howard was there too; there was lots of angst!

Thanks for your help!!!