August 24th, 2017

I know this is avengers but I can't find any other place to search for it.

I'm looking for a Erik/Charles fic.
It's a college au and is a/b/o, it has at least 2 fics. One of the fics has Charles going to Emma for something that will prevent pregnancy, but she tricks Charles and he ends up pregnant because Erik needs a kid. In the first fic there is a scene with Azazel where he pays for food and tells Charles that he knows he's Eriks. This is also a mutant fic. Charles is jealous of Emma because Erik allows her in his mind. Emma is the stronger telepath. I think Erik and Charles bond. That's all I remember, also I'm pretty sure it was on ao3. Sorry again for posting it here, if someone can help that be awesome. Thanks for the help.
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SEEKING: FIC, WinterIron, Integrating Winter, GoodBro!Clint, Hurt!Clint, Tower Invasion

Hello all! Joining in run up to A:IW, more than half way through a great year in the MCU lineup, can't wait for more, and looking for a favorite read in the mean while.

The FIC I remember had, as you can see in the title, a couple main points:

  1. The main, and possibly only, pairing is WinterIron, or James "Bucky" Barnes/Anthony "Tony" Stark. I remember that because I have a hard time suspending my disbelief of MCU Steve/Tony.
  2. Tony is actively trying to help Bucky overcome his control triggers and PTSD. I'm not sure if this would be a post Civil War fix-it, or if it is an AU following Winter Soldier, but the original Avengers are living together and working out of the Tower in NYC.
  3. GoodBro!Clint comes in when the Avengers realize that Tony is actually integrating the Winter Soldier and Bucky, and Clint says this was the thing that took them the longest with Natasha; sort of normalizing the skills and mindset that was beaten into them, and letting them (the former assassins) control how they use those abilities.
  4. The Avengers are out, avenging, through the remnants of SHIELD, hunting HYDRA, and Clint is injured, including breaking several bones. The team rotating in and out of the medical wing to keep Hurt!Clint in while he recovers is a particular setting.
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