September 24th, 2017

looking for 2 fics

The first one I'm looking for is post AOA it involves Natasha broadcasting radio messages for Bruce hoping he'll hear them. Eventually Bruce ends up at the Barton farm and settles in after a long while it turns out to be Bruce/Natasha/Clint/Laura

I would love to find this again

the other fic is a one shot Steve is shy to shower with the others eventually they have to take a decon shower and he's really uncomfortable, turns out the serum changed his body and his genitals are not "normal " anymore Clint calms him down showing him he's tran himself and Thor's body is different
any help would be greatly appreciated

Fluffy Goodness...and a little alt CACW

I'm in the mood for some fluff-anyone have recs of Tony and/or Bruce hanging out with or mentoring little kids? Maybe some Avengers event or something Tony has always done and the Avengers didn't know about? Thank you!

Also, does anyone have any recs where Steve DID call Tony in CACW and let him know about Bucky being innocent and brainwashed?

Thanks a bunch!

Steve assimilated into the new century.

I just got through reading one of Qweb's newest stories at FanFiction.Net called "Bought the T-Shirt," where SHIELD's senior file clerk is assigned to bring a newly awaken Steve Rogers into the 21st century, explaining such things as cell phones, computers, t-shirts, big screen TVs, ATMs and credit cards, and the wonders of supermarkets and fresh and frozen foods. (I recommend Qweb's Avengers/Captain American/Iron Man stories.) Has anyone else run with this idea? Someone just basically moving in with Steve to show him what for us is basic -- laundry and cooking and the internet. I'd love to see someone else's take on this.