October 17th, 2017

Does anyone have a copy of this fic? FIC FOUND!

He Who Lies by Altrutix

Summary: Taken from the land of his birth and raised as an Aesir commander's son, Loki Tyrson falls in love with the Crown Prince. When their love for one another is discovered and Loki is banished to Jotunheim, all seems lost until he discovers that he is the lost son of their worst enemy and he is not Tyrson, but Laufeyson.

Thor-centric fic recs, anyone?

Ok, so I am an absolute sucker for fics that mainly feature Thor (and DON'T portray him as a poptart-eating oaf that doesn't have an inside voice), so does anyone know of any good fic recs? I've read quite a few, but am always looking for more! No slash, please.

I've also been looking for this one specific fic that I read, (not entirely sure where it was) but it was a fic where I'm pretty sure Thor and Steve were kidnapped and Odin (or someone else, idk) rescues them. I'm also pretty sure that Thor had to write on some sort of board because he either couldn't or wouldn't speak.

Thanks so much!