October 26th, 2017


Looking for an AO3 fic

Im looking for a Stucky fic that i read on ao3 awhile ago. In it Bucky is messing around with an infinity stone, i think it's the tesseract, and suddenly a bunch of alternate versions of him show up. One is from Lauralot's Alexander Pierce should have died slower verse, a merBucky, a bucky bear, and a female bucky plus a bunch that aren't really described in detail. Tony gives them name tags with either numbers or nicknames. Later there are a bunch of alterna-Steves, one is Captain Hydra from StarsGarters' Mirror of Life verse that's obsessed with goodguy!Rumlow.
Ive been searching for a few days but i read it at least a year ago so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

Related Avengers fic

Hi! Wondering if anyone knew fic in which any of the avengers (or extended characters) are related (biologically, through adoption, etc.) I've read Darcy as Tony's daughter and I've read Peter as Tony's son (with and without Cap in the dynamic) but I was looking for something other than that. Just one thing: I try to stay away from any Clint/Coulson fic. Thanks in advance!

Captain America Political Animals Cross over

looking for some Cap/Political Animals Crossovers. I've gone through most of the good ones on AO3, and now I am itching for more.
please send me ones where TJ and the family are part of the MCU, and Steve meets him.
also I am looking for ones where TJ is either a Clone or something, or related to Bucky. either one is good.
I am desperate for good fics.
also need a general crossover tag, and a tag Theme: Clones

Tony Stark M/M/M kid Peter Parker

Tony adopts peter after age of Ultron or could be civil war, he is hurt when the tower is attacked and the avengers come to help keep him safe.

T'Challa gives peter a cat? he also has a pet spide

Tony and Peter get kidnapped by Hydra, when rescued the base gets flooded.