November 8th, 2017

[FOUND]: Prince!Steve, Abused!Bucky at training barracks.

I am looking for a story that I read a while ago. It's Bucky-centric. Steve is a prince, and he and Bucky grew up together. Bucky is sent away to a castle/barracks for training and schooling so Bucky could become Steve's bodyguard? What I remember:

1. Bucky was given a magical pack that never ran out of food.

2. Rumlow got it so Bucky was placed in solitary, and was starved.

3. It may have been an Ella Enchanted AU.

If anyone knows what story this is, I would love to find it.

Looking for a Steve/Tony

I'm looking for a fic were Dark steve from a different universe kidnaps Tony because his Tony died. I think other steve/other tony had a kid (Mpreg I think). Tony didn't know what to do with the kid. Dark Steve made it clear that Tony was supposed to avoid upsetting the kid. Does this sound familiar to anyone?