January 7th, 2018

Looking for specific Loki fics

Hi! So I read this story a while ago and now i cant find it. During the Avengers they put the Hulk in the glass cage and Loki gets supremely thrown arounf, leading to them fall from the sky. This may be another fic, but when he and Bruce wake up, hes constantly asking where he is and is generally just super confused, in pain, and i think scared.
FOUND: Fire from a Busted Gun http://archiveofourown.org/works/524070/chapters/927353

This is another fic (or two, which had similar concepts), but Loki ends up in medical on the helicarrier because they realised he was being controlled or something. Hes delirious/injured/sick a lot of the time and freaks out, panics and hides from everyone. I beleive he also tries to hurt/kill himself.

Hopefully someone knows what fics im looking for. Thanks in advance!