January 9th, 2018


The Avengers meet up with the Howlies on assignment.

Another story I seem to have lost. I can't remember if it through a time machine of magic but the Avengers get sent back to WWII and meet up with the Howling Commandoes out in the woods in Europe. And yes, we have Sgt. Barnes and Captain Rogers AND Cap and WS/Bucky there too, learning to work all together in taking out Hydra bases.

looking for post civil war where tony isn't a pushover

hi, i m looking for 2 particular fics for which i couldn't remember the titles, pretty sure they are on Ao3, would appreciate info from anyone who happened to come accross these exact scenarios

1. After the civil war, the ex avengers manage to get pardoned, but they were not very popular so the president(or un officials cant remember) wants tony to speak up in the media to support steve or they would remove tony from leadership of the new avengers, tony holds a press conference but instead of speaking for steve, he told everyone what the UNofficials tried to make him do, (which steve thinks is proving his point about the accords but he wasn't quite happy abt tony being cold towards him)

2. Not sure if its from the same fic or different fic, Tchalla asks tony to come to wakanda using some excuse about business, tony meets the avengers there, later when tchalla is questioned on why he sheltered the avengers, he tries to use this incident to throw tony under the bus but tony is able to prove he was there only because tchalla said it was business

Looking for angsty Tony-centric fic recs


I'm currently looking for fics that are Tony-centric and have a lot of angst in them, as well as hurt and comfort. 

I would really appreciate things like Tony hiding serious injuries after a battle and him trying to deal with past issues, like abuse. 



Looking for fic - Winter Soldier helps in battle

Hello all! I'm trying to find a fic where the Winter Soldier helps in a battle but all the things I remember about the fic aren't things that easily translate to tags on AO3. So I'm hoping one of your lovely people can help me. The things I remember:

Tony and Bucky know each other and are friends - maybe lovers. I can't remember if this story is gen, pre-slash or slash.
Bucky is not part of the team and everyone is wary of him when he steps out of the shadows to help in this particular battle.
Tony has to step out of the suit to disarm a bomb on a rooftop.

Not much but I'm hoping someone will recognize it. Thanks for any help!