January 10th, 2018


Looking for Specific Fic - Tony is blackmailed to make nice with Team Cap at a press conference

I read a ton of fics when I recently had a miserable cold and now can't find this one.

Here's what I remember (but could be mixing up more than one fic - I blame fever and cold meds): Tony is the leader of the Avengers post Civil War. He goes to Wakanda because T'Challa offers him Vibrabium as part of a business deal. Tony knows the trip is really about dealing with Team Cap. He gets the Vibranium and leaves after saying he won't help them.

T'Challa goes to the Accords Council and brokers a deal telling them Tony knew where Team Cap has been. Everett Ross schedules a press conference and tells Tony if he doesn't play nice and welcome TC back into the fold, Tony will be removed as leader and/or investigated.

Tony is with Stephen Strange when he gets the call. Dr. Strange, who is part of the Avengers now, brings him by portal to the event. Tony does the most Tony thing possible, that is, he acts like he's going to play nice and then tells the press about the blackmail, etc and then quits. Strange also resigns.

Any help is appreciated!

FOUND: https://archiveofourown.org/works/12362850

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Hi, I’m wondering if someone would fill this prompt for me?

inspired by infinity war bearded stevie. It’s a reader insert where reader is involved with both Bucky and Steve. She gets pregnant by both of them (fraternal twins) steve father’s one, Bucky, the other. She tells steve that she’s knocked up but not Bucky (I don’t know, maybe he’s out on a mission or something) she gets kidnapped (maybe Zeno escapes and finds out steve and Bucky are playing happy family’s) unfortunately they don’t find her for months (hence steves bearded messy look) and the first time they lay eyes on her she’s heavily pregnant...

Laura Barton/Tony Starks, tag request

I know it's weird but i really want to read Laura/Tony because I've been reading civil war fic where Tony help Laura and they get along great there and it just got me thinking of them as a couple especially if he good with the kids and they love him. Please no threesome with Clint. If it has the captain in the bad light even better. Thank you.

Also for the awesome people running this community. Please please please add a bottom steve tag.

Looking for specific Loki fics

Hello! Im looking for a couple fics

1) Loki was put into slavery as punishment, and was treated horribly, but ends up being given to Tony with his young daughter, whom i beleive to be Hela, and i thunk she was born because of rape. Loki begs Tony not to hurt her and Tony tries to get them to realise hes not going to treat them as slaves. Eventual frostiron i beleive.

2) There's another with the slavery thing, but Loki was brought to tony because he claimed that he was pregnant with tonys child, in order to protect the unborn baby. Tony plays along and again tries to help Loki. I think that loki ended up having twins and then suffered major postpartum depression because he had thought that after the babies were born he wouldnt be allowed to keep them. All Loki had cared about was keeping them safe until they were born and knowing Tony would then keep them safe.
FOUND: https://archiveofourown.org/works/3771550/chapters/8380726

3) Tony and Loki are together and Loki is suffering from postpartum depression. He hates himself for being jealous of the time tony spends with the baby. He goes for a walk with the baby and gives it jelly beans (?) To make it stop crying and then is convinced he accidentally killed the kid. He tells tony the kids dead and tony rushes home to find the alive kid in the stroller and lays into Loki, but Loki starts/was having a mental breakdown and tony realises what he was suffering from and tells him its okay.
FOUND: https://archiveofourown.org/works/1546796

I hope someone knows these fics. I really loved them. Thanks in advance!

AU post-avengers

I've just binged Chitauri Apocalypse by del_rion which is an AU about Tony not making it back through the wormhole and it's amazing and I'm looking for anything in a similar vein. Can anyone hook me up? <3