January 16th, 2018


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I'm kinda hoping to find a good Avengers or MCU crossover with Teen Wolf. 

what's making it hard for me to find fic is that I have about zero interest in Stiles Stilinski as a main character . (and I really can't stand Sterek)

So are there any Avengers or MCU crossovers that focus with the Avengers characters meeting Teen Wolfs main character, aka Scott McCall? Scott being a superhero in the MCU, joining the Avengers, running into SHIELD.

Preferably nothing Loki centric.

My favorite Marvel characters are Steve Rogers and Peter Parker, but I'd be fine with Scott meeting Tony as well.

Please no character bashing

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lost Loki fic

Alright guys please help a fangirl out here.

I lost this really good Loki fanfic where he finds out that he's a Frostgiant waaaay before the events of Thor go down, kid Loki finds out by touching the Casket of Eternal Winter.
Then he decides to 'protect himself' and to do that he needs to become a shadow, to be forgotten. And he does, so much so that people wonder where he has gone and his trainer is hesitent to train him extra because he will think Loki will take it as punishment.
Furthermore, Loki slips up with a fight with Thor and because of this his parents know that he knows.

I think it was on A03, so please help me out!

Searching for 'Medication' by moonrose91

Hi! I found descriptions for 'Medication' by moonrose91 online, which sound very lovely. However, the journal had been deleted, and I cannot find link to this fic in any other sites. If anyone still has a copy of it, please share it with me!

For further description: Tony needs special medication because of his arc reactor, and he gets it from Phil, but when Phil is absent a SHIELD agent takes over and denies him his meds, so Tony gets very sick. Supposedly Phil then returns and fixes things and scolds people.

Please share with me if you still have it! Thank you!