January 18th, 2018

Bruce basically adopts Clint and Natasha

So I read this fic AGES ago and can only remember a little bit of it. I think it mentions how Bruce wanted kids and basically adopts Clint and Natasha...or they adopt him as a father figure. I think at one stage he teaches them how to cook something. I believe it was part of a series. NOT de-aged or kid!fic, everyone is their normal age. Sound familiar to anyone?


1) Fury accidentally kills Tony, and 2) JARVIS finds his way back

Damn rotten timing! I had just found the first story last night amidst downloading dozens of Avengers stories to read later when the computer room shut down for the night and the signal was too weak in my place to get anything. The scene in the donut shop with IM, Fury, and Widow happens as seen in the movie, but when Natasha injects him, Tony goes into cardiac arrest. The story MIGHT continue with Tony dies; JARVIS goes for revenge, but I'm not sure about that. The second story I've been trying to re-find for a while. Tony is making a tour of some lab, assessing the work of young scientists (either looking for new hires or checking on the work of those he's already hired). He's asked to check on some strange reading from one of their projects and recognizes the long thought dead JARVIS. I hope someone can help me on these; it's so bloody aggravating to try repeatedly to find something you just had an hour ago and can't get past a half downloaded page.