January 28th, 2018


1) Tony mentors kids building robots and 2) NY portal sends Tony to back-in-time Asgard

Another case of losing stories in the shuffle. I've got two stories where Tony Stark is the focus that I can't seem to find again. The first has Steve finding Tony in a class room or lab where he's mentoring a bunch of younger kids who're building a bridge or roller coaster time structure of Legos. When it collapses he makes correction on the blueprints. When the session is over an assistant (the same one who escorted Steve to the right room) brings in cake and ice cream. In the second story, Iron Man doesn't make it back through the portal in the Battle of New York. Instead he lands in Asgard, practically at Loki's feet, hundreds of years in the past, when Loki is just a young boy. He's able to hide Tony at first but later finds Tony a forge and he becomes an armorer whose work is in high demand. Thor knows of his find work, but Loki and his mother teach him enough magic to change his appearance. Thor recognizes his work in the sword Tony carries when he comes back to the team at the tower some time after New York.

Friends for Tony fics

Hi! Anyone know any fanfictions about Tony meeting new, awesome and/or cute friends? It doesn't matter if they are from Marvel or from another series(or even if they're human or not).

Oh, and another thing. Does anyone know the title of the fanfiction wherein, Tony makes tiny friends, who I'm very sure are Soot Sprites from Studio Ghibli's works? My memory of that story is a little foggy so all I can remember about it is that; he named all of them and frequently gave them sweets and treats.

Sorry if that's all I can remember about it, but it would be awesome if you know the title. I can't seem to find it on my own.

Anyway, thanks for the help!

Specifics Loki/original female character fanfictions

Hello everyone, this is the first time I'm posting here because I need your help to find two Loki/Original Female Character fanfictions that were posted on ao3. I saved these fics on my laptop but I had a problem with it so I lost everything.

1) In the first fanfiction, I'm pretty sure the story takes place after the Avengers and the OC was a friend of Jane Foster, she was taken with her on Asgard (but I think it wasn't intentional). Odin basically didn't want her here (she said something that didn't please him I think) so she was treated as a guest but also a prisoner and couldn't leave her room, and she discovered Loki's room was next to hers. He was forbidden to leave his room after the events of the Avengers but wasn't kept in a cell like in The Dark World.

I remember she tried to leave the room by the window but there was a shield to prevent her to do it and Loki was here because they were neighbors and he basically said she was stupid or something to do this.

They met in secret a few times in his bedroom to talk, also I think we discover something about her, and that's why Loki was talking to her. I don't remember the ending but I know it was completed.

2) In the second fanfiction, Loki fell on Earth after the movie Thor and was stripped from his powers, he was forced to work with SHIELD and there was an OC on this fanfiction that didn't like him very much at first, but they had to work together. I remember she was close to Phil Coulson and also that he died in this fic after some attack on their base or something like that. That's all I can remember. I don't know if it is a WIP or if it is completed.

Thank you for your help !

Multiple Tony-centric searches

I have a few fics I've been looking for, and I'm hoping you can help me find them. I've looked through this community to give me fic recs for things I wouldn't normally read, and I've seen how helpful you've been, so I hope this works out...

Trigger warning for the first ask for pedophilia/abuse

1. This was on the Avengers kinkmeme, but I couldn't find it when looking through the meme. Basically, Steve has pedophiliac urges that he never acts on, and Tony realizes due to his own experiences with Howard, and has Steve move in to the Tower and not do kiddie events so Tony can keep an eye on Steve.

2. This fic I read back when I was first reading Avengers fanfic, and I know it was on AO3, which was probably... a year or two ago? Not sure, and not sure how old it was when I found it. I only remember one little bit, which is the part that is why I want to reread it. I think it was a Steve/Tony fic, and the interaction I remember was DEFINITELY between Steve and Tony. Basically, Tony tells Steve some of the things Yinsen told him in the cave, such as being a person with everything and nothing... and Steve is angry at Yinsen- because he feels that Yinsen put some rather impossible expectations on Tony, or something... I don't remember the details. I don't think Steve said anything to Tony about it, but I do think it was a H/C with Steve/Tony or at least Steve & Tony friendship.

I also have a couple general fic rec searches.

3. Ones where Steve, Tony and Bucky are great friends. Any two of them can be in a relationship, but for this, I don't want Stuckony/WinterIronShield (I like Stuckony, just not for this search). Basically, two of them are in a relationship, and the third is a good bro to both of them. I want all the friendship feels- I want the focus to be on the friendship aspect, especially with Tony given the epicness of Steve and Bucky. Either pre-Civil War, no Civil War, or Civil War fixit where the fixit of Civil War has happened or isn't the focus of the story unless that's part of the epic friendship. Heavy on the comfort/fluff- angst is okay, but only if there's a happy ending and LOTS of comfort.

4. Tony H/C, that's long and basically wallows in both the hurt and the comfort- I'm talking 50/50 here (Okay, 70/30). Also, the end needs to be happy. No Tony/Bruce, Tony/Thor, Tony/Loki or Tony/Natasha, and if Tony/Pepper, I want it to be background. The comfort should come from Steve or Bucky, though I wouldn't mind Clint or Darcy (though I prefer not a ship if Darcy, I'll read Tony/Darcy occasionally) or the whole team at the same time. Basically, give me angst and hurt and then let me come out through it. This one can be Stuckony/WinterIronShield. If it's a Civil War fic, it needs to be a fix it that, even if there's a lot of hurt getting there, fixes it in the end and makes everyone happy. BTW, I'm counting in the "comfort" part places where Tony is still hurting but people are trying to fix it- that's why I want a lot of comfort.