January 29th, 2018

Time Travel Loki/Tony

Okay so this has been driving me crazy because I just can't find it in the time travel tag on ao3 but the story is like this

- Tony and Loki ends up in the past
- i think it was because of some magical object the avengers were investigating??
- they travel back to sometime either before world war 2 (or post world war) because i remember tony had a fear of meeting his dad and doing something to disrupt the past
- loki and tony pretend to be a married couple? with loki shifting into a female form i think?
- they were kinda poor in that time because time traveled out of nowhere but i think they managed to get a house or something?

the rest of the details has been hazy, but what I'm most surest about was the pretending to be a married couple and ending up pre/post war. thanks in advance!!!

Specific Loki/Tony fic, Loki rapes Tony due to cultural differences

I'm looking for a specific fic. In it, Loki and Tony are in an established relationship. They have an argument. Loki then rapes Tony in the shower, because in Asgard that's often how arguments end. The next few days Loki is suprised to find Tony is afraid of him now. They end up reconciling.

Thanks in advance!