February 2nd, 2018

Tony as an amputee

Hey guys I’m looking for stories where Tony faces physical disability, either in the wake of Afghanistan or later in the Marvel timeline. I’ve read all of the ‘amputee’ tagged ones on Ao3, but I’m sure there are a lot more untagged ones too. Doesn’t have to be the main element of the story either.

Thanks for suggestions!

Composer Darcy

Hey all! I'm trying to find a fic, in which Darcy Lewis was a composer (of music). I think it might have been a Clint/Darcy fic, but not entirely sure. Main gist is that she was composing a piece/bunch of pieces for a symphony to perform, running on little sleep to meet her deadline, and I think only her boyfriend knew about her work so all the Avengers snuck into one of their practices so they could see what she did.

Any help is appreciated! Also, if you have any sort of similar fics for Tony or Darcy, where they are maybe more musically inclined than the Avengers thought, I would love those too! Thanks!!!

Adoption/Parental + Bucky Fics

Hey guys! I have two pretty general searches. Thanks in advance for any recs!

1. Any adoption fics/fics where someone acts parental. I love this dynamic and I don't care who it is between. Could even be someone just being extremely protective. Can be AU or not, I am accepting and reading any recs.

2. Any good Bucky fics. Can be any relationship or any story you really like. For this one, I will give some requests and things I don't want:

Requests (things I will be extra grateful for but do not need!)- anything involving the mask, mind control, hurt+comfort, sweet!bucky, twink!bucky, BDSM(top or bottom bucky), D/S, impact play (i.e. spanking), ageplay, abuse, eating disorder, a/b/o, etc.

Things I don't want/won't read- watersports, beastiality, pedophilia (I will read underage, just not outright pedophilia), etc.

Thanks again for any recs. Even a less common tag I could check or an account I might like is greatly appreciated! Have a great day/night everyone!