February 5th, 2018

Lost Steve/Tony fic

The few things i can remember about this fanfic is that it is a omegaverse that had many chapters. In the beginning (and if I remember correctly, for quite a bit of it) Tony was in a relationship with Obadiah Stane (who he called Obbi (Obby)) and he was constantly degrade ding/abusing Tony. Steve likes Tony and is worried about him after meeting Obadiah.


I can't remember the name of the fanfic but in a strange turn of events (which i can't remember how it happened but probably had to do with Loki's magic or Heimdall's messed up gate) Thor and Loki end up on a strange planet (I don't think it was earth but it might've been). They only had a horse (which i think they found) and a couple items. At one point of time Loki is forced to follow Thor (who was riding the horse) because his hands were chained. Another time Loki was the one riding the horse because he got hurt. (wether it be from 'rated m for mature' reasons or because of a fight.