February 6th, 2018

Cumberbatch vs Hiddleston

Radioactive age of ultron

Hey everyone,
Does anyone know the fox where Bucky is with the avengers for age of ultron
Steve is fighting Ultron in the church and when he gets out realises Bucky is still in there. When he goes back in and gets Bucky out Steve gets attacked again and ends up with radiation poisoning he wakes up like a week later or something and Bruce says about how his skin was falling off
Please does anyone know if?

Also is anyone knows any with Kate Bishop in the MCU

Thank you

Specific A/B/O (Stuckony?) Fic FOUND

Hey guys! I read a story a while back on ao3. It was an a/b/o with omega!tony, alpha!steve, and alpha!bucky. They had animal forms. I think Bucky was a panther and Tony was a kitten. I don't remember Steve's form. I am sure Rhodey was a bear. I remember a scene where Steve and Bucky were fighting (I think over tony) and Rhodey shifts to seperate them. It might have been eventual or pre-stuckony but I think Bucky and Steve were fighting over Tony. If you have a fic with an alpha!bear!Rhodey, please send it to me even if it doesn't fit the rest of it. Thanks!

This fic was found by the lovely entropy_house.
It's Smitten Kitten, link in the comments.

Specific Avengers Fic

Hopefully, I'm posting this correctly and not making a fool out of myself, but I really need help finding a fanfiction!

As much as I can remember, it goes like this; Tony used to be a part of Asgard before he left and was assumed to be dead. Apparently, him, Odin, and Thanos used to fight together and were close during the beginning of Asgard, and as it stands Thanos was driven out . If I remember correctly it has Tony driving Thanos out of Loki's mind, because they are equals, and he goes with Loki back to Asgard to talk to Odin and tell him what Thanos is up to.

I think this was Loki/Tony, but I may be wrong, and I'm almost completely certain I read it on AO3.

Specific FrostIron Fic Search

Hi all,

I'm looking for a FrostIron fic I read ages ago on, I think, AO3. It was pretty long and all that I remember is one scene where Loki is giving Tony some sort of tattoo in their bedroom when Thor knocks on the door and Tony has a conversation with him without giving away that he's getting the tattoo. I think the tattoo was part of some sort of spell or ritual?

Anyway, I know that's not much to go on but if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated!

Specific Not-Wanda-Friendly Fic, Wanda On Trial? -Found!


I've been binging Team Iron Man fics on AO3 for the last few week or so, and now I can't remember which fic had what.

The fic I want help finding has a scene where Wanda is on trial (I think?) and the fact that she used her powers on Tony and was indirectly responsible for the creation of Ultron comes up - it has Wanda saying about how the Hydra scientists who studied the staff all went insane, so she made Tony take the staff so he'd go insane. It was made pretty clear that she chose not to kill him because she wanted the staff to torture him.

This may or may not be the fic where there's in-universe footage of Wanda and Pietro working under Ultron, and it's used in her trial.