February 11th, 2018

  • pitac89

LF Two Specific 616 Stories

1. Post-Comics Civil War: After Steve dies, Tony adopts a girl who was created from Steve's DNA. She's named Maria after Tony's mom and thinks she's Tony's subordinate because of her upbringing. Then it turns out Steve wasn't really dead and he moves into the tower with Tony and Maria. Also, everyone who sees him keeps thinking that he's an LMD that Tony keeps around for nefarious purposes.

2. Also in the comicsverse: Portals are opening all over the place, letting people through from other universes. A female Tony Stark comes through with her and Steve's son, entrusts him to 616 Tony, and then dies of radiation because her universe was the closest to the universe that had the event that's causing all the portals, leaving her son as the only survivor of their universe. I think one of the portals dropped a Steve who killed his Tony during Civil War and he has a breakdown from seeing 616 Tony alive.

Peter parker

i'm not sure i should post this here but i'm looking for an ultimate spider man fic. i read this a while ago so not all the details are there. peter quits sheild fury tries to use his Aunt to get him not to but he still does so she disowns him, and he ends up getting adopted by Norman Osborn. from what i rember Norman, harry and peter end up doing evil things together.

PS  peter uses carnage after being adopted by Norman  

  • ultor13

Loki/tony mpreg

Looking for a fic with pregnant tony. Tony and Loki get married and stay on a tropical island with Loki in his frost giant form the whole time. Not long after tony finds out he's pregnant. Three other things that may be part of this fic i'm not sure it could be from another fic, but the baby has dragon features and in the beginning of the fic Loki doesn't talk at all & Loki kills amora(the enchantress). Any help finding this fic(or fic's) would be appreciated.
Loki may have also refused to speak and leave Thor's side in the beginning.