February 26th, 2018

Post civil war - specific fic

I am looking for a fic where Steve is on the run and leaving a trail to make the government think the winter soldier is with him and keep their attention off of wakanda, he is very poor but he spends what money he has to go see tony in a conference or something, once there he takes a bullet for tony, then tony helps him scape the hospital before Ross arrives
I am like 70% sure this was on ao3

Slave Loki

I know I started to read this one not long ago, but I forgot to bookmark it.

Loki is put into the care of the Avengers (by Odin?) and he must obey their orders even if they are said in jest etc.

He ends up not using hot water, sitting on the furniture, sleeping in a bed and has to whore himself out for food. They realise how thoughtless they have been when they find dead rats and pigeons in the freezer because Loki isn't allowed to eat the good food.

I didn't finish reading it and desperately want to, so any help would be much appreciated.

Loki Kidnaps Baby/Toddler Tony (FOUND!)

I can't believe I didn't bookmark this!

I don't remember the exact circumstances, but basically a (very) young Tony is being abused and Loki  travels back in time (I think) and finds him locked in a basement. He takes him so he can be his own son.

I'm pretty sure it was on ao3.

Thanks so much!

Conquer by LegendofLoz

Tony Angst fic

Pretty sure it was on ao3, there was a scene where the team was having apple pie and Clint tries to hand Tony a plate. He doesn't take it and Clint gets mad, Nat smashes the plate on the ground and gets Tony out of there. It might've been part of a longer fic but if anyone can remember it plz say.