February 27th, 2018

  • rooxy

Looking for 2 fics.

I have looked everywhere but i haven't found the fics im looking for.

The first one is about loki still being tortured by thanos. I remember thor bringing him to the tower and the guys taking him down to the med bay and him asking thor to kill him. I remember some amulet that was made bay dark energy or something. There was one scean when he was freaking out and they put him in the hulkroom and made it freezing.

The second one is tony/loki and thor/jane. The only thing i remember is the four of them on a double date and tony asking jane about their sexlife and thor and loki being uncomfortable..

Really hope someone knows what im talking about.

Loki / OC Recs


I love Loki / OC fics (which is a first for me - never usually an OC shipper) but I haven't seen a lot of them where the OC meets the Avengers team, or at least is a part of the Avenger's movie.

I prefer that the OC met Loki before the Avengers movie, maybe they met in Asgard or Loki traveled to Midguard to visit them. But I will take anything at this point.


de aged tony doesn't speak english

looking for a fic i read years ago, possibly as long as right after the first avengers. tony is de-aged and as a young child cannot speak english- his mother was his primary caregiver and she only spoke her native language with him. i don't remember which language it was but i do know it was not one of the 'main' european languages (french, german, italian, spanish etc). the only avenger who knows the language is natasha. if there was a pairing it'd be steve/tony but i don't remember if there was or not.

i am pretty sure this was on ao3 but searching related tags did not help me so it was likely taken down but any help is appreciated!