March 12th, 2018

Criminal Minds, Reid

Loki/Thor AU Lost Fic

Hi, guys! I lost this fic a while ago, and I have been searching on AO3 for a while unsuccessfully. I think its probably been deleted, but I thought I would give it a post here just in case.

It's an explicit, modern, non-powered AU with a young Loki renting an apartment from landlord Thor. Thor sets up a camera in Loki's apartment and watches him. He then knocks up Loki, either unknowingly or against his will. Either way he ends up convincing Loki to have sex with him in order to pay for rent. I think Thor films it. Basically he is supposed to train Loki to be a prostitute. Definitely a Dark!Thor fic.

This may be an Omega/Alpha fic or maybe just an Mpreg.

I hope this rings a bell for somebody because I'm starting to worry I made it up, which probably says something about me. Thanks guys!

  • azsh

Exiled Loki, he can't return to Asgard ever.

I'm trying to find a specific fic it has the pairing Tony/Loki, where loki is banished or exiled to earth and can't return to Asgard or he will be executed. Loki misses looking at the stars in Asgard, etc .I slightly remember one scene where Loki is on the rooftop of stark tower and accidentally projects the image of the void on the New York skyline(he ends up panicking and tony comforts him). As well as another scene where Frigga explains that she had a vision that Tony would help Loki, which was why they exiled him.... Sorry if this is too vague. Any help finding this would be appreciated ^_^

I'm pretty sure the fic was on ao3 or